HN Soy-Free no background 1000x367Hidden Nest specializes in eggs from small-scale, family farmers. These farms are located in central Pennsylvania. These farms are family owned and are hand-gathered daily. These chickens are well taken care of and one farmer even says his young children enjoy talking and playing with them! These farms support the livelihood of these farmers as well as the continuation of local, sustainable farms.


On some of our farms, there is no electricity. This results in feeding and watering the birds by hand, as well as gathering the eggs morning and evening. But many hands make light work and all the family pitches in with the chores to make sure they get done


Pastured GMO free 3The hens freely roan the meadows every day and feast on organically grass grown with no pesticides. By this, we mean that we do not keep our chickens inside all day, rather we allow them the freedom to come in and out. On farms such as these, there are fewer than 350 hens per acre which allows for plenty of space to freely move about. As the weather permits, our chickens are sometimes out before the sun rises, drinking in its warmth. They move about looking for bugs and insects to feast on and also enjoy a luscious dinner of grass that has not been chemically treated. When our chickens spend time out of doors, they seem happier than most chickens. We believe this produces a very high-quality, nutritious egg.


When the weather is not so nice, our chickens have the option of coming indoors. Inside, the chickens have a spacious

Pastured GMO free 4place to roam. This building is a hoop style building where the hens come to sleep and lay. For protection during the night, they are also put inside and have curtains that are either closed or left open depending on the temperature.


Our eggs are both GMO-free and soy-free. Why? The GMO acronym stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”. In recent years certain crops used for animal feed, such as corn and soy, are increasingly being genetically altered. These changes are not made for health reasons, but rather to improve crop yields through resistance to pests or herbicide use. Researchers are becoming increasingly concerned that GMO’s themselves may cause health problems, not to mention they increase the use of chemicals in agriculture and the environment.


Pastured GMO free 1Hidden Nest is proud to be able to offer its customers a healthful alternative – eggs which are both GMO-free and soy-free. When you eat these eggs, you are eating what is good for your body.